Swindon gateway to receive upgrade

December 23, 2018 by  

A gateway to Swindon’s town centre is about to be transformed.

Swindon Borough Council has stated that the Wellington Street route leading to the town centre is to receive an upgrade. Fresh pavements and a superior cycle lane will enable people to get around the town more easily. In particular, access to and from the train station will be facilitated in the next few weeks. Print shops can benefit from the impact of regeneration schemes.

At present, the journey to the town centre from the railway station is fairly uninteresting. An office solution restricts the view of pedestrians and there seems to be a general absence of the wow factor. This is worsened by a lack of appropriate maps.

Laura Jones is the project manager for the scheme which is about to be implemented. She told the Swindon Advertiser:

“Maps at the junction with Station Road will show visitors where to head for the town centre, and there’ll be one at the junction with Milford Street.”

Jones intends to usher in better transport for all. To this, there will be restrictions on parking, meaning that driving around Swindon could become less awkward than it is at the moment.

Another goal of the policy is to boost the appearance of the corridor. Addressing the scruffiness and patchiness of the road should help in this regard.