Olive Gibbs exhibition hosted in Oxford

December 13, 2018 by  

A centenary event for Olive Gibbs is taking place in a college in Oxford.

Activate Learning is celebrating the overall contribution of Gibbs to the history of Oxford. Twice serving as Lord Mayor of the city, she received the title of Honorary Freeman in recognition of her campaigning efforts. In addition, she obtained an honorary degree from Oxford Brookes University. She was a notable advocate of peace and she was extremely passionate about the extension of educational opportunity.

Born in 1918, Gibbs gained a lot of respect for her work and even had a street named after her. Her husband also took an authentic interest in public life. The City of Oxford College is doing its bit to keep her memory alive. Poster printing can add colour to events of all types.

Local historian Liz Woolley founded the exhibition and she told FE News:

“Her son Simon has described the college as Olive’s ‘great love’ and when in 1993, she was made a life-time member of the Students Union, she considered this as great an honour as any of the others which she had received.”

When she was just 16, Gibbs opted to go to France. Even now, the Olive Gibbs Trust enables students to take advantages of opportunities abroad. Under the scheme, it is possible for young people to gain access to educational or work-based placements.