More housing planned for central Macclesfield

December 11, 2018 by  

Proposals to build up to 50 new houses in the town centre of Macclesfield are being considered.

A total of four separate sites have been examined. If the construction goes ahead then the area could be seen as a central living destination. Brochure printing can be useful when promoting new developments within a town.

The hope is that a genuine mix of properties can be created. Cuckstoolspit Hill could contain 14 homes, Canal Street would feature 10 houses and up to four apartments. A total of 14 townhouses might be located at a site which was once occupied by warehouses. A Paradise Street scheme has already won approval recently.

Liz Durham, a Macclesfield councillor, told Cheshire Live:

“We want to expand town centre living but we need to be cautious how we do it.”

This logic is based on the fact that some of the brownfield land has been used for industrial purposes. The implications of the land use issue include the need to conduct a thorough risk assessment. Such prudence may well mean that the scope for any contamination is reduced in a radical way.

In the past, plans to expand housing provision at Craven House have got the green light. Huntsmere Ltd is the developer behind this initiative and it aspires to add extra floors to the complex in the future.