Coventry plans to boost tourist numbers

December 5, 2018 by  

The city of Coventry is pushing to be a major destination for tourists.

At present, £385 million is generated by tourists within Coventry. The plan is that more money can be accumulated over a period of five years.

It is clear that the Coventry strategy should be multifaceted. More accommodation for tourists will be constructed, while the retail offer is going to obtain an upgrade. Meanwhile, the leisure facilities may be transformed and an effort will be made to liven up the online brand of the city. The whole project is based on rigorous research. Projects that need to submit plans for approval to local authorities may use brochure printing to create the necessary documentation.

Jim O’Boyle, a councillor with responsibility for regeneration, told the Coventry Telegraph:

“By bringing together experts from different areas, we believe this strategy will see Coventry become a popular and well recognised tourism destination. We have an amazing city with a fascinating history and a thriving arts scene.”

For Councillor O’Boyle, it is important to recognise that the city is already growing. In addition, he feels a genuine buzz has developed within the core of the city.

However, there is much more work still to be done. One idea is that the formation of the Destination Partnership should help promote progress. It is also the case that increased investment in infrastructure might enable Coventry to up its game further.