First movies announced for Glasgow Film Festival

December 4, 2018 by  

It may not be taking place until next year, but some of the screenings being planned for the Glasgow Film Festival have been revealed – so film lovers can start to get excited.

This will be the 15th year that the festival has taken place and it has already been announced that the programme of events will include showings of a couple of iconic titles, alongside cutting edge films from the US and Belgium. The chance to see sci-fi classics ‘Alien’ and ‘The Matrix’ on the big screen is sure to be a highlight for many.

The latter will be shown to mark the 20th anniversary of its original cinema release and fans can see it at Argyle Street Arches, below Glasgow Central Station. The 1979 movie Alien will screen in North Glasgow, complete with themed cocktails.

Another exciting feature that has already been confirmed is 1969: End of Innocence, which will involve a selection of US movies from that turbulent year. Film festivals are often advertised using flyer printing.

Co-director of the festival, Allison Gardner, told Filmoria that:

“As ever it’s our audiences who add the fun and frivolities to our immersive events and they have never let us down and always exceed our expectations and ensure the events are fun.”

The festival is scheduled to take place between February 20th and March 3rd next year.