Cambridge plans for electric taxis

December 3, 2018 by  

Cambridge City Council has outlined a plan that would see electric taxis operating within the city by 2023.

The council aims to have a fleet of taxis serving the area in five years’ time and the implementation of 21 chargers could enable 350 taxis to ply their trade. This might help to deliver a sustainable future. Brochure printing can be used to promote new plans and proposals.

The scheme is being backed by Ethex, an investment platform. The idea is that people can obtain bonds to support the initiative. If individuals invest a minimum of £250, they can hope to secure annual returns of 5%. The aspiration is that £350,000 can be raised.

Lisa Ashford, the chief executive at Ethex, said:

“This investment opportunity is also Innovative Finance ISA eligible which means investors can also take advantage of potential returns which are tax-free.”

Electric Blue is the charging company that could benefit from the policy. This firm is keen on the bond process because private investors can help deliver an exciting opportunity. When many local authorities have restricted budgets, alternative methods of funding are sought out.

Alex Calnan is the founder of Electric Blue and the company aims to enhance air quality and minimise carbon emissions. However, the business does not neglect the importance of financial value.