Indian dancers from Bolton hope to build on win

December 3, 2018 by  

A troupe of Indian dancers from Bolton hope to have continued success after winning a national contest.

Bolton Mandhata Youth (BMY) holds dance classes on a weekly basis and as a result of hard work during these classes, secured a national prize at a competition in Leicester recently. Printing services can be used to help showcase the achievements of local organisations.

Every year, the BMY take on the challenge of competition at Leicester’s Raas Garba event. Having obtained silverware again, the confidence to repeat the feat is there. The BMY team has triumphed on three separate occasions. Dance coordinator Meena Patel told the Bolton News:

“For some of the girls it was their very first time and it was quite nerve-wracking but they were so enthusiastic. It was remarkable to see energy on the stage and they outshone everybody.”

Manisha Solanki, the choreographer, ensured that the dancers were prepared properly. Dance practice continued throughout much of the summer, regardless of the school holidays. The dedicated dancers frequently rehearsed for long periods of time. Coloured sticks are used to perform the Raas dance. The clapping of hands is part of the Garba dance. These folk dances have a lot of history behind them.

Success has given the girls a real taste for competition and they are looking forward to seizing future opportunities. Group running costs will need to be addressed in the future.