Transformation for retail areas in south Birmingham

November 25, 2018 by  

Shopping areas within south Birmingham could benefit from bold regeneration plans.

The ambitious proposals mean that retail spaces throughout the Birmingham region should gain momentum. Southern locations like Stirchley and Northfield may well get a boost from the upgrade. Northfield is situated in south Birmingham and accommodates over 200 stores already. Print shops can obtain an advantage when local demand is on the up.

Birmingham City Council thinks that the policy as a whole could be worth over £2 billion. This investment will only be realised if the full vision is implemented. Importantly, the details of the scheme have yet to be fleshed out. This data will be specific to the areas under discussion.

Stirchley is felt to be an economic zone on the up, with the potential of further progress. Activities at Stirchley Baths Community Hub may be increased, while a remodelling of Stirchley Park is on the cards. Shop fronts in the neighbourhood are likely to be refurbished.

Northfield has quite a pedestrian friendly centre at the moment. It has been assisted by the provision of infrastructure. In particular, the relief road for the Sir Herbert Austin Way has helped the area. Nonetheless, it is hoped that further improvements could promote local business. Victoria Common should be provided with more efficient access, while a new entrance might promote the existing shopping centre.