Oxford-based recycling team wins award

November 20, 2018 by  

Oxford Direct Services’ Recycling Team received a prestigious award recently.

The Oxford recycling unit secured recognition from the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE). This was because of the success of an incentive scheme linked to the Blue Bin Recycling League. APSE judged that the Oxford team was the best in the category of Recycling and Waste Innovation. Letterheads can be used to highlight corporate achievements.

Councillor Nigel Chapman said:

“Winning awards like this isn’t about self-congratulation. It’s about recognition from a national professional organisation that the City Council and Oxford Direct Services are at the top of the game when it comes to providing effective recycling services.”

Councillor Chapman is a member of the board at Customer Focused Services. He is delighted about the award. In particular, he is grateful for the dedication of those involved in the recycling process.

Paul O’Brien is the current chief executive at APSE and has praised all the finalists at the awards. He does his best to celebrate excellence with regard to the delivery of public services. His clear commitment to local environmental services forms part of this wider remit.

Oxford’s residents obtain real benefits from the Blue Bin Recycling League. People who cut back on their waste and recycle gain from this conscientious behaviour. Meanwhile, community groups are encouraged to secure a boost in cash terms. The linked educational programme includes urban roadshows and educational visits.