Swimming pool feasibility study commissioned for Norwich

November 19, 2018 by  

The practicality of a new swimming pool at a site in Norwich is being assessed through a feasibility study.

Norwich City Council is considering spending around £20,000 on a research study. This feasibility report would look at the potential for a public swimming facility in Norwich. Print shops can help to finalise reports and other documents before they are submitted to the relevant authorities.

The council is exploring options for the Mile Cross depot, which is set to be demolished. Councillor Mike Stonard, who has responsibility for inclusive growth, told the Norwich Evening News:

“This is an important site and it is a city council owned site. We now want to build houses on there, but what we also want to do is look at whether there is an opportunity for the city to have a leisure facility there, which could include a pool.”

Councillor Stonard stressed that nothing was definite and doesn’t want to raise false hope. The site could also accommodate a medical amenity.

Any leisure centre with a pool would require resources from different funding streams. The NHS, the Clinical Commissioning Group and Sport England could be approached. In addition, sales of housing might add to the resources available. Council borrowing is another option on the table.

It has been estimated that demolition work on the site would involve public spending of approximately £2 million. This activity is not likely to be completed before 2020.