Research shows that Leicester is a start-up capital

November 8, 2018 by  

A recent report showed that Leicester is a great place to launch a start-up business.

Start-up Britain ranked Leicester second as a location for a new enterprise. The study put Aberdeen in the number one spot, but it indicated that the Midlands region is doing well too. Business card printing can get a lift when an area is dynamic and thriving. The research ranked towns and cities in relation to factors such as costs, firm survival rates and labour availability.

The Tech Nation research has shown that Leicester is the best British city in which to set up a tech start-up. This work has attracted the attention of De Montfort University’s Dean of the Faculty of Business and Law. Professor Dana Brown commented:

“These findings confirm what we at De Montfort University well know – that there is a real entrepreneurial spirit to be found in Leicester; a dynamism coupled with resilience and an ability to reinvent and adapt to new customer and market needs.”

Some experts believe that sporting success has brought extra economic growth to Leicester. The extraordinary success of the football team two and a half years ago raised the international profile of the city.

Start-ups have not been thriving everywhere despite economic growth. Average salaries and leasing costs have not always facilitated progress in traditional economic powerhouses like Manchester and London.