Gift shop opened by charity in King’s Lynn

November 7, 2018 by  

The Funky Gift Shop in King’s Lynn was opened by a local charity recently.

A centre for individuals affected by learning disabilities is behind the scheme. The Forward Day Centre delivers support to approximately 120 people on a regular basis. Around 60 adults are assisted by the organisation every day. Letterheads can be useful when organisations expand their operations and wish to address the wider community.

Steve Fuller, the chief executive of the charity, told Lynn News:

“We have a group forum where the guys can talk about the things they want to do and they decided they wanted to open a shop. It’s a social enterprise.”

Fuller is hopeful that the gift shop will help people to develop their skills. He thinks that some individuals might secure paid jobs as a result of the project.

It seems that the bulk of the items to be sold will be manufactured in a local factory. The site of the Ezone factory is based at an industrial estate in North Lynn.

National Lottery funding of £10,000 allowed the construction work on the shop to proceed. This money came via an Awards for All initiative. The mayor of the borough, Nick Daubney, endorsed the scheme with a great deal of enthusiasm. He praised everyone involved in the establishment of the social enterprise for all their hard work.