Village near Redditch marks Fairtrade anniversary

October 22, 2018 by  

Studley, a village close to Redditch, celebrated the anniversary of its Fairtrade status recently.

A local Fairtrade group was keen to promote the ideals associated with the broader movement. These include core values like empathy, justice and fairness. The Studley Fairtrade Campaign celebrated the achievements of the team responsible for the Studley Village Hall Coffee Break.

Developing countries may get a boost from the activities of people in the Redditch region. Logo design can be used to showcase the visions of a wide range of companies and to help them become more recognisable on a national and global scale.

The Fairtrade Foundation’s Adam Gardner told the Redditch Standard:

“We all have huge power to change things for better through our shopping choices and business practices. With the support of campaigners such as Studley Fairtrade Campaign, the Fairtrade movement has helped to transform the lives of millions in the world’s poorest countries.”

Gordon Marshall is the current chair at the Studley Fairtrade Campaign. Marshall has paid a generous tribute to the consistent efforts of businesspeople, retailers, community groups and campaigners. He has presented a certificate to those involved with the delivery of the Coffee Break. Regular get-togethers take place and Fairtrade products have a really important role in them.

Individuals who are interested in participating in a local steering group can put themselves forward for consideration. They can do so by contacting a parish clerk, Lesley Gailey.