Positive report for south Birmingham’s future

October 21, 2018 by  

A recent report suggests that the economic future of south Birmingham could be bright.

The University of Birmingham’s City-Region Economic Development Institute teamed up with the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce to produce the report. The hope is that much faster economic growth can be generated going forward. Print shops can attract more business when the local economy is buoyant.

John Crabtree is the chair of the committee tasked with the delivery of the Commonwealth Games. He has the ambition to build on the strengths of Birmingham and the city-region. South Birmingham could benefit if his vision is translated into reality. He stated:

“We are not only demographically the youngest city in Europe, but also one of the richest and most diverse. The many new citizens we have welcomed have had much to do with our improving economic fortunes.”

Professor Simon Collinson, who is based at the University of Birmingham, believes that momentum is on the side of the city. Professor Collinson is clear that start-ups are multiplying while a greater number of skilled people are opting to reside in the city-region than used to be the case.

Chief executive at the Greater Birmingham Chambers, Paul Faulkner, is keen to underline regional resilience. However, he acknowledges that challenges exist such as the level of short-term uncertainty.