Norwich to host varied science festival

October 18, 2018 by  

The Norwich Science Festival is taking place later this month and will showcase a wide range of events.

Even before it has begun, it is clear that the festival has a lot to offer. A balance will be struck between the delivery of entertainment and education. Flyer printing may be used to promote various local activities and events.

This year, the Norwich Science Festival consists of over 300 events, meaning there should be something for everyone. The festival will stretch over nine days, in order to maximise accessibility. People can choose between workshops, educational shows and scientific demonstrations.

On October 22, Norfolk’s Mark Thompson is bringing Spectacular Science to the Norwich Playhouse, with tickets costing £6. The promoter of astronomy got a positive review for his show in 2017. Since he was 10, Thompson has had a genuine passion for science and he has the talent to pass on his enthusiasm.

Later in the week, on October 26, children’s author Mandy Hartley is in charge of a session called DNA Detectives. The scientist is keen to work with children on the autistic spectrum. Tickets for this segment cost £5. Those wanting to attend the session at Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form must have an adult with them. However, accompanying adults do not have to pay for a second ticket.