Literature festival will return to Swindon

October 17, 2018 by  

The Swindon Youth Festival of Literature will be making its return to the town next month.

The literary festival has been running for more than a decade and this year, a diversity of poets and authors should make the event one to remember. Events such as this are often promoted through the use of poster printing.

Fiona Hardcastle, the founder of the festival, has retired from her organising position, with Kate Murphy stepping into her shoes. Murphy is a librarian and she is employed by Dorcan Academy. She told the Dorcan Advertiser:

“I knew how fabulous the festival is and how fantastic the team of learning assistants that organise it is, so I really wanted to take on this role. It’s very exciting, we’ve got a busy and brilliant week of events at every school.”

Murphy is enthused by the prospect of a book quiz. This competition is going to conclude the festival and it will take place at Swindon Academy. The hope is that book knowledge can be shared between children who attend different schools.

Jonathan Meres, a comedy author, is headed to Swindon’s Wyvern Theatre for November 15. The writer, who has won awards, will be appearing as the headline guest. Murphy appreciates that many children find it exciting to encounter authors and she understands the importance of atmosphere.