Shoreditch Town Hall to stage London premiere

October 10, 2018 by  

London’s first performance of the science-themed play Flux will take place in the town hall at Shoreditch in a few weeks’ time.

Flux will be staged in the capital at Shoreditch’s town hall, and printing services can be highly useful when it comes to promotion of this sort of event.

The production tells the story of a young female scientist named Kate. Set in the 1980s, the narrative focuses on the professional and personal struggles of someone making their way in an environment not used to high-achieving women. Interviews with real scientists informed the development of the plot.

In the play, Kate has an abundance of potential and is just starting out as a physicist, but her talent is in danger of being ignored by a male-dominated profession. However, she gets a lucky break when her aptitude is noticed by a man who encourages her, and this twist of fate opens up a range of possibilities.

Smoking Apples is behind the drama. This company uses puppetry to get its stories across, and seeks to make good use of sets to maximise the impact of its work.

On previous occasions, Smoking Apples has largely concentrated on the construction of dramas about men. With 2018 marking 100 years since some British women secured the vote for the first time, it was thought appropriate to make something a bit different.

The play comes to Shoreditch on November 1 and 2.