Southampton gets first air-cleaning bus in Britain

October 3, 2018 by  

The UK’s first air-cleaning bus has been showcased in Southampton recently.

Able to filter air pollution, the innovative bus was unveiled by Go-Ahead. Brochure printing is often used to highlight the strengths of new products like this.

Pall Aerospace manufactured the filter, which is key to the operation of the vehicle. The firm claims that in excess of 99% of particles can be removed via the filter system.

Operator Go-Ahead showed off a Bluestar bus. This prototype should have the capacity to expel pure air, and the hope is that this bus will make a journey around Southampton on at least 16 occasions during the year.

It would appear that the World Health Organisation (WHO) may be taking a real interest in the experiment under discussion. The city of Southampton, as is common in urban areas, has some air pollution. It will be possible to assess the performance of the filter by scrutinising the particles trapped as a result of the process.

Go-Ahead has a fleet of 4,500 buses, and these may benefit from filters in the future, since the authorities in Southampton take air pollution seriously. Several cities in England intend to implement clean air zones going forward, and Southampton aspires to join the club in the next couple of years. In addition, it is possible that a pollution charge will be introduced.