Wembley Stadium to get special steps

September 24, 2018 by  

Wembley Stadium is scheduled to have its ramps replaced by iconic steps.

Dixon Jones has made plans for the introduction of steps in relation to the Wembley approach. The idea of scrapping the old ramps has now received the green light. Graphic design can be useful in a wide variety of economic sectors. The developer Quintain is keen to make further progress by creating a unique piazza. Quintain’s top executive, James Saunders, told Architects’ Journal:

“We are very pleased that the plans have been approved for the final section of Olympic Way, which will transform the experience of everyone arriving at Wembley Stadium.”

Saunders aspires to produce a vibrant area surrounding the nation’s iconic stadium. The hope is that the steps will help to make the place into a winning destination. Stadium access for individuals with disabilities is going to be enabled through the provision of additional lifts.

Brent Council has collaborated with the Football Association to make the upgrade into a possibility. The idea is that retail outlets and eateries will help to transform the nature of the space under discussion. Wembley Way should become friendlier to pedestrians as a result of the initiative.

The ramps flowed from an original design by Pell Frischmann. The work of this engineer was taken up by the architect Norman Foster a decade ago.