Birthday for Watford’s Random Café

September 14, 2018 by  

Watford’s Random Café is poised to celebrate its birthday this weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, a community centre in Watford will open its doors to highlight the first birthday of the Random Café. The café has been created as a consequence of the Real Junk Food Project (RJFP).

A not-for-profit entity, the RJFP distributes food that is viewed as surplus from allotments, small retail outlets, bakeries and supermarkets. Flyer printing can be useful for promoting a wide range of organisations. Customers can obtain food that might have been wasted in exchange for a little donation.

Plans for the birthday party have been set out. There will be a special cake in honour of the café. In addition, those in attendance will be able to sample a cupcake from a big selection. Meanwhile, the ordinary staples of cakes, posh toast, savoury choices, and hot beverages will be made available to the public. Everyone should be able to participate in the event along the principle of ‘pay as you feel.’

At the moment, the Random Café is responsible for four pop-up outlets. It is also engaged in campaigning activity in relation to the effective use of food. The hope is that this effort will broaden the contemporary debate about food consumption. Food waste is an issue that has risen up the agenda, in part because of the interventions of those engaged in gestures of good faith.