Six great reasons to use poster advertising in your media mix

September 11, 2018 by  

  • Money matters:
    • Posters are one the most cost effective forms of advertising on the market.
    • Posters allow you to spread your message to a wide audience far cheaper than radio or television
  • Poster are credible
    • Poster advertising is a tradition that carries itself with distinction, customers are more likely to trust poster adverts as they appear in public places.
    • Posters have a rich visual history embedded in our psyche.
  • Poster campaigns of the future
    • Poster campaigns have a history, but they also have a future. Use a poster campaign as a direct call-to-action, of what you want your customers to do
    • e. Grab a discount, Phone a number OR, tweet a message. Poster campaigns create direct effective response
  • Posters ads are highly visible
    • Posters are easy to see and pictorial messages are what makes poster advertising so unique.
    • A great poster with striking and compelling visuals can improve the business visibility.
  • Posters are versatile
    • There are endless possibilities, fabulous fonts. Gorgeous graphics and joyous words combine to offer your business huge advertising scope using poster power.
  • Posters act like a memory pin
    • Think of your poster like a memory pin for the customer – poster advertising makes your message stick in the minds of your customer. Good posters are vibrant creative and succinct and memorable.