Aeroplane dining takes off in Norwich

September 15, 2018 by  

An aeroplane dining spectacle has been launched in Norwich’s Theatre Royal.

Norwich Theatre Royal (NTR) is the location for a bold experiment called Gastronomic. A tasting menu of five courses is being united with innovative technology. The result is a rich experience that takes people on a varied culinary trip. Jack Lowe is the director of the show in question. Mr Lowe told the Norwich Evening News:

“Food on aeroplanes goes back to the early 20th Century. That experience of eating together on board can be a real opportunity to learn a lot from each other and we also wanted to try things with food and bring in the theatricality.”

It is not the case that the inspiration for Gastronomic came out of nowhere. Mr Lowe started thinking about the project when he was working abroad. Connections with his colleagues helped him to look at things in a fresh way. Whilst this experience has attracted a lot of publicity due to its uniqueness, most businesses promoting launches will use marketing material such as flyer printing.

Molecular cuisine has been another source of creativity. Mr Lowe has praised the pioneering efforts of Hester Blumenthal.

No script was used in the early development of the production. Augmented reality and digital technology have been employed to give the show a really modern flavour. The audience shall be encouraged to take photographs during the performances.