Plans for factory extension in Leicester

September 12, 2018 by  

A proposal for the expansion of a Leicester-based factory has been recently submitted.

Walkers Snack Foods has put forward its vision for a factory extension to the local council. Leicester City Council will now consider the detailed plans. Graphic design from Leicester can be useful for a wide variety of businesses which aspire to grow. The planning statement said:

“The proposed high bay warehouse extension is located to best serve its purpose, linking efficiently with the produce coming off of the factory production lines as well as connecting into the order picking dispatch operation and existing dispatch stores.”

In addition, the statement clarified that there would be a close match between the new building and the existing warehouse with regard to shape, colour and materials. It specified that the goal of the work is the creation of an automated system of stock control.

Located at Beaumont Leys in Leicester, the site is of considerable economic importance. The extension under discussion should create more than 2,300 square metres of extra space. This would contribute to the capacity of the storage and dispatch facility in a highly significant way.

It is hoped that nearly 10,000 spaces for pallets will be created if the plans get the green light. The pallets may be packed quite tightly on nine levels if consent is granted by the local authority.