Redditch café prepares for launch

August 18, 2018 by  

A community café within Redditch is getting ready for its opening.

The Rees Café is situated in the centre of town and will soon be open to the public. Flyer printing in Redditch can be handy for promoting local enterprises. The launch is to take place at lunchtime on August 20th and the mayor of the town has an invitation.

Launch guests will be greeted with cake and beverages. After half an hour, Juliet Brunner, the Redditch mayor, will make a speech.

A talk will be delivered by Jan Rees, the individual behind the creation of the foundation which bears her name, will be the next item on the agenda. The Rees Foundation aims to assist people who have left care. Polly Jones, the proprietor of the Rees Café, told the Redditch Standard:

“We are a safe space for anyone in the community to come and relax in.”

Jones said that the afternoon will not end with the speech made by Rees. A raffle is going to take place in the café. Jones maintained that the quality of the prizes will be really high.

The Rees Foundation works on the basis of the partnership model. Rees has an abundance of experience in the sector and knows all about looking after young people. She recognises that leaving care may be a time when isolation is a real difficulty for vulnerable individuals.