Alumni community launched by Oxford students

August 19, 2018 by  

Graduates from Oxford have set up an alumni community aimed to help ‘first-generation’ students.

The new alumni organisation intends to help students who are the first individuals in their families to benefit from university education. In the past, the University of Oxford has been criticised in the media for the social mix of its intake. The new network hopes to support people via mentoring and the provision of work experience. Business cards from Oxford can be useful for people who are interested in building careers.

It could be possible to achieve progress if prospective and current undergraduates from modest backgrounds are inspired by others who have achieved a lot. Jack Nunn, a representative of the alumni network, told the student newspaper Cherwell:

“Our alumni campaign is all about creating a sense of community and showing that first-gen students not only exist at Oxford, but succeed in all kinds of careers and fields.”

While members of the network might have encountered similar barriers to being successful, they do seem to be quite a varied bunch. The group includes scientists, lawyers, lecturers, teachers and postgraduate students.

One reason why people from disadvantaged backgrounds do not enter the University of Oxford is that many of them do not apply. Becky Shaw Simms understands that ordinary people may have concerns about fitting in. If all freshers get a positive welcome then such anxieties may be addressed.