Architect produces vision of Macclesfield

August 10, 2018 by  

An architect has started a conversation about the future of Macclesfield by unveiling some bold ideas.

Malcolm Maginn wants residents to develop designs for the centre of Macclesfield. The architect has shown the way by bringing his own concepts to the table. Graphic design from Macclesfield can be useful for individuals and firms that operate within the construction sector. Maginn made his distinctive contribution after a £19 million cinema initiative failed to get off the ground.

He has genuine concerns about the economic future of the town. His anxiety emerged when Ask Real Estate (ARE), a developer, withdrew from a project on Churchill Way. Maginn has come up with designs that are respectful of local heritage. He told the Macclesfield Express:

“I’m never short of ideas. I just wanted to reflect some of Macclesfield’s historical features and traditions in the design concepts, though perhaps a bit far-fetched. Nick Mannion MP mistakenly thought my multi-storey car park was a new soccer stadium.”

Like many people, Maginn is worried by buildings that lack character and by retails outlets which are vacant. Town centres may need to adapt their offers swiftly because the world is quickly changing due to online retail.

ARE withdrew from the cinema plan because of an apparent lack of confidence in future consumer demand. The organisation felt that a high level of beverage and food consumption in the complex might not be sustained.