Money sought for restoration of Abbot House

August 9, 2018 by  

A financial target has been set in order to start work on the restoration of one of the most historic buildings in Dunfermline.

It has been determined that £530,000 will be required to return Abbot House – which is known to local people as the ‘pink hoose’ – to its proper condition. Work will begin once the target has been reached. The popular tourist attraction shut its doors three years ago due to money issues, but several organisations based in the town have joined forces to have it refurbished.

Progress towards reaching that sum has already been made, with £371,000 having been pledged by the Common Good Fund, Fife Environment Trust, Fife Council and Carnegie Dunfermline Trust. The last of these is the current owner of the building.

A number of applications for the remainder of the target amount are being looked at, and the hope is that the restored building can be used as a cultural centre for the town. One of the trustees, Sarah Young, told the Dunfermline Press:

“In the meantime, Carnegie Dunfermline Trust are looking after the building and a dedicated team of volunteers are working hard in the gardens. As soon as all the funds are in place, work will commence and Abbot House will once again be an active part of the community.”

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