Manchester Pride to promote inclusion

July 11, 2018 by  

Manchester Pride is encouraging firms to embrace an agenda of inclusion.

The event wants businesses to sign up to the Inclusion Equality Charter (IEC). The aim of this charter is to combat the inequality and discrimination which affects the LGBT+ community within Greater Manchester.

The IEC is based on specific values and principles. The hope is that enterprises will make and keep commitments that make those aspirations into a reality. Letterheads from Manchester can be employed to illustrate that organisations are supportive of a cause.

Businesses must appreciate that there is a great deal of variety among the LGBT+ community. Safe environments can be created through positive action. If the culture is right within an outfit then diverse workers can thrive. Mark Fletcher is the chief executive at Manchester Pride. He told the Manchester Evening News:

“Businesses and organisations within the region control have such a strong influence over day to day life for everyone, be they LGBT+ or otherwise.”

Fletcher recognises that the culture of Greater Manchester can be enhanced if companies in different economic sectors do their bit. He understands that it is not just a matter of spreading best practice across workplaces. He wants retail outlets, bars and theatres to play a significant role in setting a welcoming tone.

Manchester Pride does not simply promote the IEC. It is also involved in an abundance of fundraising, event curation and campaigning.