Swindon firms could use humour to develop

June 27, 2018 by  

An entrepreneur in Swindon is helping businesses to employ jokes.

Sarah Archer knows that comedy and storytelling can help to deliver the goods in commercial environments. Icebreakers may be really useful at meetings. Business card printing from Swindon might be useful for entrepreneurs who have to attend networking events. Archer recognises that people often trust individuals who have the confidence to make a funny joke. She told the Swindon Advertiser:

“Everyone’s got a funny story in them, and you can adapt the funny stories in your life for business messages. Down at the pub you’ll always tell somebody a funny story about what happened to you.”

Clearly, humour is not a risk-free strategy. It is important that people are sensitive to the nature of their audience. Archer is aware that some jokes are wholly inappropriate for professional environments. However, she thinks that a well-timed pun can make individuals perform better as relaxation is shared through laughter.

Archer has put a lot of effort into understanding how comedy can boost business prospects. She produced a podcast on the subject. Furthermore, she led a ‘Stories that Sell’ boot camp. This innovation succeeded to the extent that it will be repeated shortly.

Humour might be really effective in artificial situations such as interviews. Archer believes that it can enhance career progression by demonstrating competence under pressure.