Health walks to start near Southampton

June 26, 2018 by  

A series of health walks will begin near Southampton in early July.

The walks are to take place on Sundays. In July, and will supplement the existing rambles that happen in the week. Printing services from the Southampton Hedge End area may be used to promote leisure activities.

Jacqueline Tuson, a retired lecturer in human resources and business studies, will lead the weekend events. She told the Daily Echo:

“I think a lot of people feel the urge to get off of social media and meet people in real life. I don’t believe that friends on Facebook are the same as friends in real life.”

She thinks that loneliness is a significant problem for modern society. Research indicates that well over a quarter of the population experience feelings of isolation. Meanwhile, near half of the elderly population suggest that it is their television that provides them with company. It is hoped that going on group walks can lead to genuine relationships, with joint holidays or film visits possibly flowing from an encounter on a stroll.

Anybody can participate in the walks. If people are keen to make friends and take some exercise, then an authentic feeling of community should develop. Further, when somebody makes a positive effort to go on a walk they can often discover that there are things to do which they would otherwise not have known about, notes Tuson.