Caribbean bakery to open in Newport

June 14, 2018 by  

A Caribbean style bakery is set to open in Newport in the middle of July.

The colourful bakery should sell some authentic Jamaican food. The eatery is going to open up in Newport’s Corporation Road. Printing services in Newport can be used to promote new businesses. The bakery will be linked to an Irie Shack outlet within Cardiff. Iftekhar Harris shall be the proprietor of the establishment and he told WalesOnline:

“It’s gonna be a production unit where we make our own patties from scratch. All our own pastry and fillings. You’ll be able to see the baking process.”

According to Harris, the Irie Shack Bakery is going to sell patties stuffed with traditional fillings. Curried goat and jerk chicken will be on the menu, while the patty pastry will be flavoured with turmeric. Customers should not be worried by the heat of the spicy food, as mild options will be made available. Harris wants to open a vegan bakery elsewhere.

Harris confirmed that the staffing arrangements have yet to be finalised. Pastry chefs and experienced bakers are in demand. However, some of the team has been assembled in readiness for the July opening.

The top chef spent three weeks in the Caribbean in an attempt to become more familiar with the details of Jamaican cuisine. The idea is that he will have a comprehensive supervisory role when the bakery is up and running.