New scheme for landlords near Wembley

May 31, 2018 by  

Brent Council is poised to roll out an initiative for landlords in the vicinity of Wembley.

Brent Council aspires to improve living conditions for residents of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs). The scheme should assist to regulate a sector which has not always delivered the goods in areas adjacent to Wembley. Printing services from Wembley can be used by organisations that want to communicate with large numbers of people.

Councillor Eleanor Southwood, who takes some responsibility for housing in the borough of Brent, said:

“We want to work with landlords to drive up standards in the private rented sector through the licensing scheme. But we will track down any landlord who believes that they can get away with breaking the law and exploiting tenants to turn a quick buck.”

Brent Council is using a variety of techniques to inform citizens that it will not tolerate unscrupulous agents and landlords. It also takes a dim view of subletting. Central government is bringing in legislation in the autumn and this should help in the regulation of landlords going forward.

Brent Council produced an educational video to share with the public which highlighted what properties without reasonable landlords can look like. The images of overgrown gardens and poorly maintained houses got the message across. Brent Council wants local people to inform them if they have reasonable suspicions about a specific property.