Lidl plans to expand in Southampton

May 22, 2018 by  

The discount supermarket Lidl envisages opening more stores in Southampton.

Lidl wants to open a supermarket in the vicinity of one of its distribution hubs. It also hopes to build a store next to a car dealership. Print shops in Southampton Hedge End can be used to promote diverse retail outlets. James Mitchell, a regional executive at Lidl UK, told the Daily Echo:

“We are extremely excited about the prospect of opening a Lidl on Brownhill Way and serving our fresh, quality and incredibly good value produce which shoppers across the country have come to love.”

Councillor Lee Whitbread is interested in the consultative process. He was aware of an event which Lidl put together. However, he wanted the corporation to put even more effort into its attempts to engage with local residents.

Alison Finlay, another councillor, is also interested in the way in which Lidl has been operating. She stated that the business should provide people with sufficient notice to have their opinions registered. Lidl has suffered communication problems because of circumstances outside of its control in the past.

Lidl aspires to have a minimum of half a dozen stores in the Southampton area. However, not all of its plans have been approved immediately. Lidl adjusted one of its schemes to take into account the potential impact of the proposed development on the lives of people in the neighbourhood.