Coping Through Football honoured at Wembley

April 28, 2018 by  

A football-based partnership which helps unwell people has been praised at Wembley.

Coping Through Football (CTF) encourages individuals who have been affected by poor mental health and the project recently attracted acclaim from the Football Association at an event. Print shops in Wembley can be used for promotional purposes.

Alex Welsh, the chief executive at the London Playing Fields Foundation (LPFF), told the East London and West Essex Guardian:

“The success of Coping Through Football highlights the importance of having a multi-agency approach in transforming and improving community mental health services. The thing that people experiencing mental health issues want more than anything, is to get their old lives back and Coping Through Football has shown how this can be achieved.”

CTF believes that it is possible to reduce the consumption of cigarettes, drugs and alcohol among vulnerable people. Limiting the dependence on these substances can be positive for mental and physical health. Furthermore, improving at football can also boost self-esteem.

The CTF project is being carried out across Waltham Forest and neighbouring boroughs. The LPFF is working with Leyton Orient Trust, London Playing Fields and North East London Foundation Trust.

During the last year, several participants in the scheme returned to work. Other individuals opted to finish some more education, while volunteering was a route taken by some.