Family firm opens within King’s Lynn

April 9, 2018 by  

A family-based start-up has recently launched from Hamlin Way in King’s Lynn.

The Shed and Cabin Co is offering its customers a wide range of storage solutions. Some of these are much more spacious than the average shed. Mike Daisley is one of the driving forces behind the firm and has obtained relevant experience. Print shops in King’s Lynn may be used by start-ups in the local area. Matthew Ashby, the brother-in-law of Daisley, has worked inside the manufacturing sector and has developed technical skills.

Daisley thinks that he will work well with his brother-in-law because they have complementary talents. Daisley has spent time in sales and he has been a director of an enterprise before. He told Lynn News:

“We are able to offer a wide range of products, everything from a basic shed to an annex in the garden with multiple rooms. We can offer bespoke made products. We provide drawings to the timber mill, which will cut it to our specification, and then we can add the doors and windows.”

Daisley pointed out that the company has got building templates from which to operate. He clarified that adjustments can be made in line with the wishes of customers.

Cabins have been displayed so that people can make informed choices. Material quality can be assessed by consumers who take the time to visit the site.