Wembley adoption event uses Suffolk choir

March 27, 2018 by  

Talented choristers from Suffolk have taken to the stage at the Wembley Arena for a good cause.

Pupils from Cedarwood Primary School were involved in the event. Poster printing from Wembley can add colour to an occasion. The Voice in a Million gig used children from lots of schools, but only a few youngsters performed on the largest stage. This main stage has been used by legends in the world of entertainment. Curtis Redden, a coordinator of music at Cedarwood, told the Ipswich Star:

“They had a great day, it was a brilliant.”

Redden revealed that the children under his supervision belted out Disney favourites. However, these songs were interspersed with material from the charts.

The idea behind the concert was to focus public attention on the difficulties facing youngsters in the care system. It also aimed to help people to appreciate some of the obstacles which make the process of adoption less than straightforward.

The Voice in a Million concept was developed several years ago. The vision involves getting people to appreciate what a loving family can do. Registration for a school is not expensive, but all the institutions which want to take part must bring along sufficient participants to ensure the event goes well.

The hope is that the sensational event does more than spread the word. Everyone is encouraged to make donations to worthwhile charities like Adoption UK.