Cycle Saturday is coming to Macclesfield

March 8, 2018 by  

Macclesfield Town Council is backing a cycling event which is set to take place in the middle of March.

The celebration of cycling is being arranged by Darren Allgood. AllGood Cycling provides a range of services to the public. Banner printing from Macclesfield can be useful for event organisers. On this occasion, the event is free for participants. In the past, about 1,000 individuals have come together on Cycling Saturday.

Macclesfield Wheelers shall play a role in the proceedings during the afternoon. The club wears orange jerseys and should add to the spectacle. Meanwhile, the public will be encouraged to learn more about cycling throughout the day. It will be possible to have a consultation with the Bike Doctor. A static challenge is going to be provided too. In addition, anyone shall be able to pick up some health and safety tips.

Helena Gowler, a specialist in community engagement at Macclesfield Town Council, stated:

“Macclesfield is the perfect start and finish location for a day’s cycling and the printed cycle routes will encourage people to make the most of the wonderful reception that the town has to offer at the start and end of any ride.”

Gowler wants the event to be a positive occasion for visitors and residents. She thinks that the people who live in Macclesfield could benefit from taking more exercise than they undertake at the moment.