Paul Young comes to Ruislip Manor

February 14, 2018 by  

Pop legend Paul Young is playing a gig at Tropic At Ruislip this week.

Young will be part of the Los Pacaminos band and the seven-piece group is likely to receive an enthusiastic reception. Flyer printing in Ruislip Manor may be useful for the local leisure sector. Young told This Is Local London:

“We sing, we dance, we love, we drink tequila. Only the good stuff these days! I first heard Ry Cooder’s hybrid version of Tex-Mex, and I started to escape into a world of life down by the border, hot weather, good food.”

Los Pacaminos play upbeat tunes, including a wide range of Tex-Mex classics in their repertoire. The pleasure of performing is important to the motivation of the whole group. Los Pacaminos formed back in 1992, so it is fair to say that the group has paid its dues. Young is clear that he has no time for listening to or playing miserable music these days.

Los Pacaminos have played alongside some huge acts down the years. For example, the group has participated at gigs alongside the likes of Robbie Williams, Queen and Tom Jones.

Tropic At Ruislip is based within a social club, and the building is situated in part of Ruislip Manor called Grosvenor Vale. The plan is for Los Pacaminos to come on stage after the club has been open for a few hours on Friday 16th February.