Milton Keynes ranked highly for prosperity

February 12, 2018 by  

The Centre for Cities, a think-tank, has noted that Milton Keynes is demonstrating economic progress.

The Centre for Cities undertakes an annual survey of economic health. For almost a decade, Milton Keynes has been scoring well on a wide range of economic indicators. Printing services in Milton Keynes can have significant demand due to the consistent performance of the regional economy.

Pete Marland, the council leader, commented:

“MK is in a strong place economically and with unique potential for successful growth over the next 50 years. We need to fulfil this potential in the best way for local people and businesses. That means planning carefully to get the right balance of infrastructure, homes, green space, local skills and business growth.”

Councillor Marland hopes that specific projects will spur future success. He has spoken approvingly of a state-of-the-art university and broadband investment.

Milton Keynes is in an appropriate position to take advantage of national initiatives. The authorities believe that it can be a hub for high-tech employment growth. This was evidenced by an initiative of the National Infrastructure Committee which involved setting out an agenda that included Oxford and Cambridge.

According to the Centre for Cities, Milton Keynes has been a centre for start-up activity. Moreover, the place has gained jobs from the vibrant private sector. Unsurprisingly, productivity within Milton Keynes has been high. As a result, the wages in the area have been somewhat higher than national statistics might suggest.