Basingstoke charity launches new fundraiser

January 11, 2018 by  

A charity based in Basingstoke is aiming to capitalise on the spirit of renewal that comes with the New Year by launching a brand new fundraising campaign to try and generate £5 million.

Called ‘Bag It Up’, this campaign is the brainchild of Ark Cancer Centre Charity, which is encouraging local people to recycle any shoes or clothes they don’t use at one of its official recycling banks. These banks can be found at a number of different locations throughout Basingstoke and the wider district.

The new campaign is part of a partnership that the charity has entered into with a company named Bag It Up Ltd (BIU), which is now 16 months old. BIU is among the top textile and clothing recyclers in the UK.

Under this partnership, the charity receives a cut of the proceeds from clothing that is recycled at its official banks, and has earned almost £40,000 through the scheme already. Speaking to the Basingstoke Gazette, Mark Jones from Ark said:

“We are grateful to everyone who has recycled items in the charity’s branded banks, and also to the many organisations which are hosting banks bearing our branding – it is a great show of support on both counts.”

Charity campaigns of this kind often opt to employ places that print leaflets, as a way of helping to raise awareness in the local area.