Snooker club in Exeter changes hands

December 7, 2017 by  

Exeter Snooker Club (ESB) has been purchased by Gavin Collett.

ESB was once called The Cue Club. Collett, a barrister, acquired the business after a period of highly competitive bidding. Charles Darrow, a property consultancy, helped to broker the deal. The club has already benefited from a refurbishment costing £25,000. However, the new owner has plans to improve the place further.

The snooker hall has two storeys. Furthermore, it has a big terrace for external seating. The result of this is that there is plenty of room for functions. Snooker players and pool enthusiasts have all their needs catered for as there are two bars and sufficient tables. Promotional products from Exeter may be used to help market local businesses in a variety of sectors.

Paul Heather, a director at Charles Darrow, explained:

“It is an established business in the heart of Exeter and the new owners have got plans to improve it and drive it forward. We expected a lot of interest in the business due to its popularity. We received multiple offers and it got so competitive that we had to invite best and final offers.”

Karen Webb owned the enterprise for a while after the death of her husband. To that end, she used part-time employees and one full-time manager. Nevertheless, it was thought that the business would flourish if it had additional investment. It was this idea that prompted the sale.