More student accommodation planned for Coventry

December 4, 2017 by  

Coventry City Council might accept plans for additional student accommodation to be built in the city.

The fresh initiative would see the demolition of a significant city centre building. This could free up space in which around 800 students may be housed. A printing company in Coventry can be used by local organisations which have ambitious ideas for the future

Planning application papers quoted in the Coventry Telegraph argued:

“The provision of purpose-built student accommodation in a well-located site such as the application site will add to the stock of high quality accommodation which students can access. This will contribute to the success of the universities in Coventry.”

The Watkins Jones Group (WJG) made the submission to the council. Fresh Student Living is operated by the WJG. The potential construction site is a brownfield one and the area is flanked by a ring road, Whitefriars Street and Whitefriars Lane.

The site is currently home to the old Coventry Boys and Girls Club. Coventry SQ Club is also occupying space there. Coventry University actually owns some of the site and it has car parking facilities on the spot.

The hope is that Coventry Boys and Girls Club can get a fresh start elsewhere. This might involve using a purpose-built amenity near Whitefriars Street. Club members would be given permission to park in a space at the back of the building.