New Italian food outlet opens in Bath

December 3, 2017 by  

The Italian Food Hall (IFH) has recently opened within Bath.

The independent store acts as both a delicatessen as well as a food shop. Consumers can purchase fresh coffee, sandwiches and paninis at the store. Flyer printing in Bath might be used to promote businesses in the retail sector.

Laura Doria, who was born in Italy, established the IFH. She told the Bath Chronicle:

“Bath is very special for me. I wanted to make a real Italian shop with real Italian food. I get upset when people get charged a fortune for food that is not the real deal.”

Doria is assisted by two business partners. Luca Galleti and Luca De Gregorio are helping her to select products from different regions of Italy. This imaginative sourcing of food favours independent production and avoids the use of large chains. The result of this big effort should be that customers really enjoy the flavours of what they actually buy.

The retail outlet is particularly customer-focused because anybody can sample the food from a tasting plate. The idea is that individuals will drop into the IFH and see what appeals to them most.

The staff of the IFH have the training and knowledge to talk to shoppers about the goods. This approachable attitude has already won over some inhabitants of Bath. People from Italy have been especially enthusiastic about the enterprise.