Norwich’s recycling centre may be on the move

November 14, 2017 by  

A recycling operation in Norwich may be shifted to a site near the airport.

Mile Cross Recycling Centre is currently based at Swanton Road. Norfolk County Council is renting the city centre location, but its contract is due to come to an end in 2021. The vision of the authorities is that a Norwich Depot Hub would be able to deliver an integrated solution to various community issues, and would create more space. Poster printing in Norwich can be used to help consumers become aware of relocations.

Councillor Martin Wilby told the Eastern Daily Press:

“It makes sense to be looking for a new location now as we go into 2018, as it is a sensible thing to do. We have to start the process now to be prepare for the future. I think the recycling centre is a bit constrained. It makes sense to find a more suitable location rather than to keep the lease ongoing.”

Councillor Wilby is chair of a committee for transport, environment and development. He said that the fresh location would be more accessible than the current site.

The council has been searching for a recycling site within Greater Norwich for over two years. The hope is that the new arrangement will accommodate the highways service, the street cleansing department and the refuse service alongside the recycling facility.