Awards nomination for Clapham woman

October 12, 2017 by  

A woman from Clapham has been given cause to celebrate, following the news that she is in the running for a major industry award.

Antonia Ugbaja is employed by South Western Railway and has the job of keeping an eye on passengers waiting on the platforms at Clapham Junction Station, making sure that no-one is in a vulnerable state. It is her skill at remaining calm in difficult situations and her dedication to her job – which have earned her the nickname ‘Mum of Clapham Junction’ – and this led to her National Rail Awards nomination.

Her role is not an easy one, as Clapham Junction is Europe’s busiest train station, with the 17 platforms being used by around 430,000 people each day. Despite this, she has become a popular figure with passengers for her friendly, familial approach.

Antonia is among three members of the South Western Railway staff to be in contention for awards, with colleague Jessica Buckpitt being one of the others. Andy Mellors, the firm’s managing director, told South London Press & Mercury:

“The National Rail Awards is the pinnacle for rail staff and we are therefore delighted that three of our employees have been recognised in this way.”

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