Heathrow Airport reveals support for its expansion

September 11, 2017 by  

The expansion of Heathrow is now officially backed by communities across the UK.

Heathrow is planning to use logistics hubs as part of its growth drive and the management of the airport is clear that these innovative hubs will be located in a variety of sites. This competitive process is building support for the project in and beyond west London. If the potential expansion gets the green light this is likely to increase demand for the services of stationery printers in Hayes.

In excess of 100 communities stepped up to the plate by offering to accommodate a hub. The main idea of this scheme is that a significant construction legacy will be achieved. At the same time, the approach hopes to keep a lid on costs, while limiting the disruption in the vicinity of the airport. John Holland-Kaye, the chief executive of Heathrow, said:

“Expanding Heathrow is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to really boost growth across Britain – and not just with more capacity at the nation’s hub airport, but from building it.”

Heathrow is looking to secure as much support as possible for its proposals. It has reached an understanding with the authorities north of the border. As a result, one of the hubs shall be based within Scotland. If the components are assembled according to the strategy, consolidated loads will limit carbon emissions.