World’s tiniest ice cream van to visit Milton Keynes

August 13, 2017 by  

The smallest ice cream van in the world is open for business, in line with intu’s promise to bring a smile to customers’ faces, after a recent study revealed that ice cream increases happiness.

The ‘Nice Cream Van’ stands just 29in high and 47in long, and can manage a top speed of just 12mph. The van will tour the country, visiting 14 of intu’s shopping centres to make customers happy, with Milton Keynes scheduled for the August 15.

intu Milton Keynes manager, Kirsty McGiff, said:

“We’re delighted to have created what we believe is the world’s smallest ice cream van but the real win will be seeing the smiles it puts on people’s faces at intu shopping centres around the country for those lucky enough to get free ice cream.”

The tour comes after a study showed that ice cream ranked number one in a survey of South East residents that asked what made them happiest during the summer. Also ranking on the happy list were wearing summer clothes, barefoot walking on grass, taking a holiday and enjoying a BBQ.

The van is likely to generate word of mouth, and such good feeling can be capitalised on by using printing services, such as vibrant flyers, to help spread the word and put a smile on the locals’ faces.