Fundraising triumph for Cheadle supermarket

July 16, 2017 by  

Staff who work at the branch of Sainsbury’s located in Cheadle are celebrating an impressive fundraising triumph, after they made thousands of pounds for a local cancer charity.

Having been selected by employees and customers of the supermarket last year, Beechwood Cancer Care Centre is now set to benefit to the tune of £4,000. Workers at the store have spent a year raising both vitally important cash and awareness of this charity, via different activities.

These included sales of cards and the big bicycle ride, and they were supported in their efforts by residents of Cheadle. All of the money brought in as a result of the campaign will go towards helping the centre.

The fundraising manager for the Beechwood Centre, Angela Gray, told a reporter from South Manchester News that they were hugely grateful to everyone who had taken part in the campaign for all of their backing.

Sainsbury’s Cheadle store manager, Michael Broadhurst, added:

“We’ve really enjoyed working with Beechwood over the past 12 months. Our customers and colleagues worked really hard to help raise vital funds for the charity and we’re really proud with everything we’ve achieved.”

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