Promising opening night for South Ruislip’s Cineworld

July 15, 2017 by  

The opening night at Cineworld within South Ruislip proved to be an enjoyable taster.

The Cineworld complex has plenty to offer to a variety of audiences, with its 11 screens giving the venue plenty of offerings to promote through poster printing. Those who want conventional blockbusters are unlikely to be disappointed, while fans of Bollywood movies should also find enjoyment. The first evening revealed that the tiered seating helped the experience of viewing.

Justin Skinner, the Vice President at Cineworld, stated:

“We’re so proud that this is our 96th cinema in the UK and Ireland. Every time we open a cinema, we look at bringing the best technology, so we have the newest digital projectors and the comfiest seats.”

Sam Tomlinson is the general manager of the operation, and has as a team of about 50 employees who had been prepared thoroughly for the opening night event. Tomlinson had harnessed the power of the internet to generate a special buzz for the occasion, using the device of a lengthy countdown to generate excitement in and around Ruislip Manor.

The Cineworld complex has been planned to enable convenient fun, with ample free parking available. Meanwhile, there is an abundance of eateries in the vicinity of the place, with consumers able to choose from the likes of Starbucks, Frankie and Benny’s, and Chiquito.