Legoland uses mini poster to advertise new resort hotel

April 11, 2012 by  

Legoland has used innovative mini-posters as part of the advertising campaign to launch its new Legoland resort hotel to potential visitors.

The innovative and unusual advertising billboards were created using blocks of Lego, and measured just 12 inches in height. These novelty billboards featured custom-printed mini posters that declared that Legoland Windsor resort hotel opens this year.

Legoland also worked in conjunction with web giant Google, with special pins on its location-based service Google Maps, indicating the location of the tiny posters for those wishing to seek them out. The other digital element of the campaign existed on Twitter, the micro blogging website. This encouraged users to write, or ‘tweet’, about the posters using the hash tag #legolandminibreaks.

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The Legoland resort hotel offers Lego-themed rooms which vary from Lego pirate themes to ones that are Kingdom-themed. The hotel offers rooms on a room only basis, or with entry to the park included. Advertising for the hotel is currently in circulation alongside the billboard and poster campaign and is designed to attract visitors to the hotel when it opens for the summer season.